Uk Driving License Category Q

Uk Driving License Category Q

In the UK, a driving license category Q refers to a specific type of license that allows individuals to operate a two-wheeled motor vehicle, such as a motorcycle or moped. This category is commonly obtained by individuals who wish to ride motorcycles for personal or professional reasons.


To obtain a category Q license, individuals must first pass the necessary tests, including a theory test and a practical riding test. These tests are designed to assess the individual’s knowledge of the rules of the road, as well as their ability to safely operate a motorcycle in various conditions.

Once the tests have been successfully completed, individuals will be issued a category Q license, allowing them to legally ride motorcycles on the road. It is important for individuals to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations surrounding the use of motorcycles, as failure to do so can result in penalties or even the revocation of their license.


Obtaining a category Q license in the UK is a great opportunity for individuals to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with riding a motorcycle. By following the necessary steps and staying informed about the rules of the road, individuals can safely and legally operate their motorcycles and enjoy the open road.

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