Can Driving Instructors Use Their Phone While Teaching?

Can Driving Instructors Use Their Phone While Teaching?
Can Driving Instructors Use Their Phone While Teaching?

In the digital age, the use of mobile phones has become ubiquitous. However, the question arises: can driving instructors use their phone while teaching? This article delves into the legality and ethics of phone use by driving instructors during lessons, emphasizing the importance of safety and professionalism.

The Law and Mobile Phone Use

In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone while driving. This law applies to all drivers, including driving instructors. The law is clear: holding or using a mobile phone while driving can lead to severe penalties, including fines and points on the driving license. For driving instructors, the stakes are even higher as their professional reputation and license can be jeopardized by non-compliance.

Safety Implications

Using a mobile phone while teaching driving not only violates the law but also poses significant safety risks. Driving lessons require the instructor’s full attention to guide and assist the learner driver effectively. Any distraction, such as using a phone, can lead to dangerous situations on the road, endangering both the instructor and the learner.

Professionalism and Ethics

Setting a Good Example

Driving instructors are role models for their students. They teach more than just driving skills; they instill safe driving habits. By using a phone during lessons, instructors send the wrong message, undermining the importance of undivided attention and adherence to traffic laws. It’s crucial for instructors to demonstrate exemplary behavior, reinforcing the habits they wish to cultivate in their students.

Maintaining Focus

Effective teaching requires complete focus on the learner’s actions and the road conditions. A phone can be a significant distraction, leading to missed opportunities to correct mistakes and provide timely advice. Instructors must prioritize their student’s learning experience and safety by avoiding any distractions, including phone use.

Alternatives to Phone Use

Pre-Lesson Preparation

Instructors can minimize the need for phone use by preparing thoroughly before the lesson begins. This includes reviewing lesson plans, setting up navigation systems, and ensuring all necessary communications are handled beforehand.

Emergency Situations

In case of emergencies, instructors should have a plan in place. If a phone call is absolutely necessary, the vehicle should be safely parked before making or answering calls. Hands-free devices can also be used, but they should not compromise the instructor’s focus on the lesson.

Utilizing Technology Responsibly

While handheld phone use is prohibited, driving instructors can use technology responsibly. For instance, using a hands-free setup to communicate with other instructors or students’ parents can be acceptable, provided it does not distract from the primary task of teaching driving.


Can driving instructors use their phone during lessons?

No, driving instructors cannot use handheld mobile phones while teaching, as it is illegal and unsafe. Any necessary communications should be done using hands-free devices or after parking the vehicle safely.

What are the penalties for using a phone while teaching driving?

Using a handheld phone while teaching can result in fines, penalty points on the driving license, and potential damage to the instructor’s professional reputation.

Where should instructors keep their phones during lessons?

Instructors should keep their phones in a secure place where it will not distract them or the learner driver. The glove compartment or a dedicated phone holder away from direct view can be suitable options.

Why is it important for driving instructors to avoid phone use during lessons?

Avoiding phone use ensures the instructor’s full attention is on the learner and the road, promoting safety and effective teaching. It also sets a positive example for the learner driver.

How can driving instructors handle emergencies without using a phone while driving?

Instructors should plan for emergencies by informing relevant parties before the lesson. If a call is necessary, they should pull over safely to use the phone.

Will using hands-free devices be acceptable for driving instructors?

Hands-free devices can be used responsibly, but instructors must ensure they do not distract from teaching. The primary focus should always remain on the learner driver and road safety.


At Full Documents, we emphasize the importance of safety and professionalism for driving instructors. Using a phone while teaching driving not only breaches legal regulations but also compromises the safety and learning experience of students. By prioritizing focus and setting a positive example, driving instructors can foster a safer driving environment and effectively impart essential driving skills.

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